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Performing the contents of proprioceptive training has to be safe. Consistent training in accordance with our instructions and safety measures guarantee the highest level of safety during exercise. By giving you this extensive advice, we only want to help you. The retailer of Tone-Boards requisites takes no responsibility for possible body injuries which might occur while using the requisites. The content of proprioceptive training must be chosen in a way that ensures constant movements of joints in small amplitudes. If you, at the beginning, want to make the exercise even more safe and smooth, you can help yourself with arms, so you can immediately continue with exercise if you lose balance. Let us give you some more guidelines for efficient and safe training:

  • The system in proprioceptive training must be provoked because it is essential for constant balance maintenance. The aim of constant destabilization of the system is to achieve the desired stability at a higher level and improve motor control.
  • In the long-term, we have to aim at more-direction loading. It is good if the exercise involves movements of a joint in all planes that are characteristic for a certain joint. With ankles we can, therefore, make movements in frontal and sagital plane, with knees more in sagital plane.
  • The intensity of proprioceptive training has to increase progressively. It applies the basic principle from easier to harder, from simple to more complex, from low to high speed, from small to large disturbances, from short-term to long-term repetitions.
  • The amount of exercise in one exercise unit can be quite small. 5 to 10 minutes of exercise, with one joint or joint system, supplies (3 to 7 series, from 30 to 60 seconds) to achieve the effect. Proprioceptive training is not very exhaustive and can be carried out every day, though not less than three times a week if we want any visible effects.
  • During the exercise we try to concentrate on keeping balance with the joint in order to improve its stability. We try to exclude other joint systems as much as we can (compensational arm and trunk movements).
  • The above mentioned exercises do not present the whole range of possible exercises you could do for efficient training. You can invent new exercises and modify them to meet your needs according to a specific sport or rehabilitation aims. Therefore, you have to use your imagination and creativity and also take into consideration the main criteria for successful training.

According to the above information you will be able to organize your own proprioceptive training program and include it into your training. If you will follow the principle of progression, you should increase the duration of series (from 30 to 60 seconds), the number of series (from 3 to 6 series), frequency of training (from 2 to 5 times per week), shorten rests between series (the same duration as for loads or longer), and change the requisite with which you exercise.

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