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Foot-work ladder is a training requisite aimed for foot-work training. It offers unlimited foot coordination training options for to the user.

Foot-work training is very important in/for

  1. sports injury prevention,
  2. effectively solving typical and untypical movement demands taking place at sports competitions,
  3. preconditioning for agility training,
  4. optimization of new sports movements an athlete is learning.

Today, lower extremity coordination training is a very frequently applied part of the physical conditioning programs in complex sports like basketball, team handball, tennis, alpine skiing, etc.

Besides this, good foot coordination is one of the main goals in sports rehabilitation programs.

Our foot-work ladder makes the progression principle possible also in this segment of training, thereby using one of the following manipulations:

  1. transition from stepping to hopping exercises,
  2. transition from single-leg to both-leg stance exercises,
  3. from movements in a sagital, through diagonal patterned, to movements in a frontal plane,
  4. from repetitive cyclic to acyclic movements,
  5. from basic self-initiated movements to reactions on visual of acoustic singals,
  6. from forward, over backward, to combined-direction movements,
  7. etc.
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